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Samsung Notebook 7 - One of Great Samsung Laptop

Aug 232016

Samsung is always known as one of best laptop brand. However, it doesn’t mean that the performances and the others feature are ignored. If you look for beautiful design laptop that is supported with great features and performances, the choice must be Samsung Notebook 7 Spin. To know more detail about this Samsung laptop, here are the reviews.


Perfomance Reviews

This notebook comes with great performance that is supported with 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-6500U, RAM in 16 GB, 128 GB SSD, and many others great element. The performance is more than enough for accomplishing heavy multitasking. This samsung laptop has 15 tabs open on the Google Chrome, one of those is streaming 1080p video accessed from YouTube. Absolutely, there is no lag at all. This notebook copied up to 4.97 GB of the mixed media files that include videos, music, photos, only in one minute and five seconds with the speed up to 77.5 megabytes for per second.

Beautiful Design Samsung Notebook 7

Talking about the design, this laptop is most beautiful two in one laptop. This beautiful design is modeled with silver aluminum chassis which are built solidly. The laptop is supported with rounded edges which are attractive and inviting. Opening reflective lids reveal 15.6 inch and 1080p touch screen. It is full island style keyboards with the number pads. This laptop has single hinge around with computer names on it. The weight of this notebook is five pounds and the dimension is 14 X 10.1 X 0.8 inches. With its 360-hinge, it allows for this notebook to be placed to 4 different models. Those are the laptop, tablet which is folded the screen all ways around, the tent that is placed as the upside down V, and stand that is by placing keyboard facedown and monitor stand straight up.
Alike the others laptop, this Samsung laptop is also completed with some ports. Those ports will feature all you need either for playing or working. On its left side, it is the home for power jack, Ethernet jack, USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, audio output, and type C ports. On the right side, you would find SD card slot, USB 2.0 ports, and the spaces for the security locks.

Great Display

The displays on this laptop are 15.6 inch, 1080d display. It is absolutely sharp as it is compared with others product at the same class. This laptop screen can cover about 72.2% of color gamut that is quite vivid. The score of color accuracy testing is not too bad. So, it means that you can watch the videos of movies enjoyably with its screen. The average brightness for its screen is about 260-nits which is quite luminous.
In short, this Samsung laptop offers solid performance and beautiful design. However, it has short battery life that requires the charger always nearby. Besides, it has low respond camera and shallow keyboard. Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is generally most attractive two in one laptop in the term of its appearances.


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