Fabal Version Autocom Truck Diagnostic At A Glance

The combination of fabal version autocom truck diagnostic and low price makes fabal version autocom truck diagnostic one of a particular car alarms on the market. It is easily the best deal car alarm system for less than $60 price and has high marks from customers.

Fabal Version TCS CDP PRO Plus for autocom Car Truck 3 in 1 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool (Black)

As a particular car alarms,

2017 version tcs cdp pro plus for autocom car truck 3 in 1 obd2 diagnostic tool


100% brand new and high quality.

flight recorder. with the flight recorder function, you can record parameters in real time while you are driving a vehicle. during recording, you can, with a press of a button, highlight the specific error so that you can investigate the detected error at a later time. cdp + is equipped with built-in memory thus remove the need to bring a computer. memory card not include in package.

multi color indicator.

with the multi-color indicator on cdp +, you have full control of the diagnostic process. different colors and sound communicates the status and the placement of the indicator allow you to see it from a far. for example, if the indicator alternates between blue and green the cdp + is in communication with the vehicle control unit.

connector with led.to locate the diagnostic link in the vehicle with ease, even if it’s located in a dark and inaccessible place, there is a led on the 16-pin connector to help you along. the location and the design allows the light to function even when using the adapter cable for vehicles without a 16-pin diagnostic socket.voltage check.

when cdp + is connected to the vehicle, the unit will check the battery voltage of the vehicle and automatically adjusts itself to the vehicle’s voltage level of 12 or 24 volts. if the voltage gets too high or too low, cdp + will warn you with both sound and light and you will also be alerted through the battery icon in our diagnostic software.

language support: english, bulgarian, cesky, dansk, deutsch, romana, russian, srpski, sumenn kieli, svenska, turkish, espanol, francais, greek, hrvatski, hungarian, italiano, nederlands, nosk, polish, portugues. package content:

1* vehicle fault detector

1* obd2 cable

1* data cable

1* sticker

1* cd

This fabal version tcs cdp pro plus for autocom car truck 3 in 1 obd2 diagnostic tool (black) fit for peoples who are searching for car alarm system with 100% brand new and high quality. for autocom cdp + is a diagnostic tool used with a pc or pocket pc and autocoms powerful cars diagnostic software, making it a powerful and flexible tool for all vehicle shops, fleet owners, vehicle testing, road service, police and armed forces. cdp + is a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as a link between vehicle and computer. it works on both old and new vehicles. simply connect cdp + to the diagnostic socket in the vehicle and it will communicate with the diagnostic software installed on your pc. chassis number vin. in our cars software, we have a smart function that allow you to read out the chassis number from the vehicle that you would like to diagnose. this is the right model and year is selected automatically. in addition, engine code for vehicles, which are common available on the markets, is also selected automatically.

It will most comfortable and better to get this car alarm after get an opportunity to read how real purchaser felt about ordering this car alarm systems. During the time of publishing this fabal version autocom truck diagnostic review, there have been no less than one review on this web. In general the review was greatly pleased and we give rating 4 from 5 for this fabal version tcs cdp pro plus for autocom car truck 3 in 1 obd2 diagnostic tool (black). Reviews by individuals who have take on board this fabal version autocom truck diagnostic are useful output to make decisions.

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