Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW Review

Whatever You’re working on, you may need PC that may provide greater than a typical notebook. More frequently than not, this kind of highly effective platform may see you part with a whopping $2,000. You don’t need to think about this anymore. Due to this cheap Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW notebook, you can make certain to receive the very best performance for less.

The PC includes brilliant specifications such as an Intel Core i7 CPU, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM and different NVIDIA 960M graphics card. You won’t feel the cost with this machine: it’s in the assortment of 1,400. It’s shown the very best price amongst its rivals. From the Ultra HD touch display resolution which makes it the ideal machine for editing photos or videos. The same as its counterpart, the Asus K501UX gaming notebook, it’s a sturdy aluminum frame frame which makes it rather admirable. The 15-inch multimedia PC is created for perfection!

Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW Review

Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW Features

In the first appearance, the round patterns Seem to be Concealing the speakers. The audio comes out of a pair of speakers situated on both sides on the base of the notebook computer. The sound feature is remarkably mixed to this system.

The 15.6-inch UHD 3840 x 2160 touch display is the best Bargain For video and photo editors. In the NEC desktop contrast contrast, the photographs and videos in the ZenBook Pro seemed much alike, but for the blue tint that’s subtle. On the other hand, the glistening coating retains a manifestation of whoever’s in the front of this machine.

With 4K technologies, this system ensures nothing less Than a thrilling video encounter.

While most systems have problems with high-end images, the Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW Laptop can manage the heat problems. It can manage video streaming without needing to heat up the lovers beyond 95 levels. The distance between the G and H keys is much cooler. The touchpad stays cool during the machine usage. At high settings, the ZenBook Pro can enroll 38 FPS, far better than many competitions such as the Del XPS 15.

ZenBook Pro includes a USB-C link, which can be superfast and supports Thunderbolt 3. This can be in addition to the typical USB 3.0 interfaces. The exteriors are trendy. It’s sufficient interfaces for external display in addition to superfast data transport, SD card reader, HDMI 2.0 and headset and mic jack. The dim selfie photographs from the webcam might not be that impressive, however, however, the camera functions for live video chats.

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Together with the NVIDIA 960M GPU plus a 2GB vRAM, this ZenBook Pro Provides quality videos. It’s a rating of 4,308 against many competitions which have scored roughly 3,949. It may be used for gaming as a result of the memory. The battery lifetime is really a staggering 8 hours which makes it the ideal bargain for freedom. You can’t complain while surfing all day.

The device comes with an Intel Core i7-6700HQ chip with 16GB of system memory and 512GB SSD. The device has a Dependable capacity to Navigate, play word processing, and then flow videos with over 15 tabs available.

Layout and Display

Merely to put everything into perspective, the Asus ZenBook Guru UX501VW machine from Asus comes at a special design. It’s an all-aluminum chassis that’s topped with the renowned companion touch onto the lid. The metallic grey cover is created out of polished borders on either side. There’s more vibrating ring if you pry open the lid. Some are adjacent to the computer keyboard with adequate alloy deck to rest your hands on.

By size, the notebook steps 15.1 x 10.0 x 0.80 inches. The Machine weighs 5 lbs. Unlike many aluminum-bodied systems, the ZenBook Pro’s hands lid and rest don’t raise any issues as the event of MacBook Pro.

Touchpad and Keyboard

The keyboard has a long stroke to offer the best typing experience. For people who are utilized to keyboard with brief travel, you want a while to get used to the one. The half-size Shift key on the right is, though, a trade-off for your Asus. Video experts find this very handy while studying is changed in the beginning.

The machine has a 4 x 2.75-inch touchpad. It’s smooth Using a silver-matte finish. This makes it effortless to mix in with all the metal deck. It’s effective click and multitouch gestures such as the two-finger zoom and scrolling through pinching.

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