Apple Back Selling iPhone SE, Sold Out Immediately!

The iPhone SE product was first introduced in March 2016. This iPhone Special Edition device actually stopped being sold by Apple after releasing the iPhone XS a few months ago.

But last weekend, the iPhone SE product was back on the Apple page. Precisely on the Apple Clearance Sale page, aka the discount page, the remaining old products are still in new condition.

iphone se

The iPhone SE product on the page consists of 32GB ($ 249) and 128GB ($ 299) storage.
From the observations of the MakeMac team, the iPhone SE on the Clearance Sale page is only available at the United States Online Apple Store.

iPhone SE products are available in 2 storage memory capacities, 4 colors (Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold), and discounted prices of around $ 100 – $ 150 from the initial price when released.

The iPhone SE also uses an Unlocked alias type that can be used with a SIM Card from the United States or other countries freely.

Unfortunately after opening the sale since last Saturday, January 19 2019, now on Monday January 21, 2019, all iPhone SE products have been sold out.

For those of you who don’t know yet, the iPhone SE is an iPhone device that uses body designs like the iPhone 5S but uses engine specifications like the iPhone 6s.

Namely the Apple A9 and M9 Motion coprocessor, a 4-inch span, 12MP rear camera, Touch ID, and still supports the Headphone Jack port.

The iPhone SE device stopped being sold by Apple since the release of the iPhone Xs. Another product that was also stopped selling at that time was the iPhone 6s and iPhone X.

The iPhone SE was launched by Apple in 2016 in March. In 2019 this product has been around for 3 years since its launch. Of course this phone is already using enough now. Maybe those of you who have an iPhone SE have lost their charger.

You don’t need to worry if you lose your charger. You can still buy it back for an original iPhone charger at an Apple official store or at an online store in your city. is an online store that is quite trusted at this time. You can buy it there.

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